Preventing water ingress into equipment at the point of use is a major issue facing compressed air users. There are numerous solutions in the market but these are either too costly, over specified or simply not effective. DROPOUT® simplifies the complexities being designed as a super-efficient, low cost, maintenance-free product to remove not only water but also particles from the compressed air supply at the point of use.

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Our mission is addressing the business and performance issues that are unique to a given industry. We are passionate about the compressed air and everything that is associated with its application on the industrial scale.

“The compressor not only has to compress the air to a specific pressure, at a certain flow, it has to deliver air of the right quality”.

To meet this demand we are constantly looking for new technological solutions in a field of industrial engineering, pneumatics and automation.

We are working with companies offering innovative and most advanced products specially designed to save energy thus reducing costs in compressed air installations.

We are confident that with our support and long term relationship with professionals across Europe we will quickly and effectively promote and sell your products and services.

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We are constantly scouting for new technological solutions.